Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

The 1st Encounter!

Ok so, last night was my first ever experience with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. Well, really with any form or brand of chalk paint. This all started with me doing some random searching on the web for who even knows what. I ended up stumbling upon Shades of Amber, which led me to Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. I was instantly off my search and onto this paint! I ended up finding a local Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan distributor or stockist. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Savvy Posh (the stockiest) offered painting classes. I immediately called my mama and signed us up.

We were instructed to bring a piece of furniture with us and be there at 6:00. I ended up selecting a small dark wood end table and Mom took a dark wood vintage pole lamp. When we arrived Tammy (our Savvy Posh paint instructor) was waiting with one of my favorites….cupcakes. She introduced us the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan line, which includes tons of different products. We looked at the color chart and made our selections


I chose Duck Egg Blue over Primer Red with a gold glaze. Mom wanted to keep the lamp simple so she chose Old White with a dark wax.
We were off to the races. Hands down best part of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, zero prep! Starting at 6:10, I proceeded to apply two coats of Primer Red, using the blower to dry in between coats.









Then I applied one coat of Duck Egg Blue. FYI, anyone trying this at home, it kind of feels like you are dragging the second color on. We were told that some colors are just thicker than others.













Once the Duck Egg Blue had dried, I applied the clear wax.
Fourth step is the least fun…sanding! Boy did I make a mess. I am glad that there are not any pictures of this step. Anyways, I sanded like crazy to revel a little of the Primer Red. The little brown table was really starting coming around. I finished sanding right at the end of the class, but Tammy was nice enough to let me finish while she cleaned up.

So, Mom and I quickly added a little gold glaze. It really made the paint pop and added more dimension. At 8:15 we said our good byes and were instructed to wait 24 hours before we “buff” our pieces
Tonight was the final step in the resurrection of this gem. I took an old tee shirt and buffed away the wax residue. The finish did change a little, but over all it looked as wonderful as it did last night.









So, my summary of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan is Yay! Its a great product and will be used on several pieces in the Sweet Southern Charm rental collection. Keep an eye out for my other “soon to be chalked” pieces!


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